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Poresta® Loft S – floor-level shower system awarded with design prize for excellent product design

The floor-level shower system Poresta® Loft S with mineral material surface is one of the winners of the prestigious German Design Award 2019.

Poresta® Loft S has been awarded the >>Special Mention<< rating in the category “Bath and Wellness”.

The German Design Award is the international premium prize of the German Design Council – the German authority for brands and design. It is one of the world’s most renowned design contests and is highly recognised, even far beyond specialist groups. The purpose: discovering, presenting and honouring unique design trends.

Clean lines, a classic design, high-quality materials and the exact integration into the surrounding floor without visible edges give the Poresta® Loft S its unique look. Not only the seamless semi-gloss surface is a striking feature, but also the discreet drain channel into which the water can flow easily thanks to its perfect surface shaping. The jury’s explanation for granting the prize notes: the clearly-contoured, straight-line design of the floor-level shower system makes it stand out and gives it its elegant appearance – an effect which is increased by the high-quality surface.

Not only the look of the Poresta® Loft S is convincing – the technology is as well.


The shower area is completely floor level and has an incline of approx. 1.5–2.5 % on all sides, which makes it blend perfectly into the bathroom. The fine mineral composition of the Poresta® Loft S ensures a silky feeling for the feet. The material feels pleasantly warm and comfortable to the skin. It is durable and – in combination with the hard foam support element – guarantees unprecedented tread resistance and stability. The Loft S is available in more than 20 different standard sizes for shower sizes from 900x900 mm to 1200x1500 mm. On request, custom solutions are also possible. The outlet and surface are easy to clean.

Advantages for installation

With a total mounting height of only 47–50 mm for vertical drain and 132–139 mm for horizontal drain, the Loft S can be installed floor level into every bathroom without difficulty – whether for the renovation of an existing bathroom or for the installation in a new building. The floor-level shower system can be integrated easily and quickly into the surrounding floor without obstructive edges and possible trip hazards. The element has an integrated circumferential sealing sleeve with it, so that the shower area can be sealed directly to the wall and floor after installation – quickly and safely. The corners of the sealing sleeve are shaped in such a way that they can be easily folded. In compliance with DIN 18534-1, the Loft S can be optimally sealed in the building structure with the appropriate sealing material.

Like all Poresta® shower areas, the Poresta® Loft S is also accessible for wheelchairs. With the Poresta® sound insulation accessories, increased sound insulation according to DIN 4109 supplementary sheet 2 can be achieved with the Loft S even directly in the subjacent space requiring sound insulation. Not only the elegant appearance of the new product in the Poresta® shower area series is convincing, but also the comprehensive security of a tested system.

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